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Beyonce and Jay-z are going to SEPARATE ?

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Det förefaller som Jay-Z och Beyonce får ha några äktenskapliga skillnader just nu!

Under de senaste dagarna har paret setts separat runt Hollywood. Under helgen kunde de inte deltog i några Grammy händelser tillsammans, och till råga på allt bort,tillbringade Beyonce uppgift Alla hjärtans dag med Kelly Rowland och Michelle Williams... ... istället för hubb Jay-Z.

Men vad i all världen är problemet?

Vi hör genom flera källor på att super Paret har varit oeniga om beslutet att skaffa barn.Kom ihåg att Jay-Z är väl över 40 år gammal nu. Han vill inte att gå 50 år bara ha sinförsta unge.

Varför är Beyonce håller ut? Ja, självklart, hon är på toppen av sin karriär och förbereder sig för att släppa nytt album senare i år. hon skulle vara en dåre för att döda den hype som poppar ut några små Hovs.

Kommer Jay-Z och Beyonce's äktenskap smulas på grund av detta? Det får tiden utvisa. Men vi skulle inte bli förvånad om allt detta var bara "prata."Hur många gångerBeyonce har "rykten" att vara gravid? Exakt.

Vad tycker ni andra ?

Brandy And Monica: 12 Years Later

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And after

Det är sååå underbar att ser hur tiden går sååå fort .
Det har gått 12 år sedan de två slå upp den röda mattan till den 41: a årliga Grammy Awards och så småningom tog hem pokalen för "Best R & B prestanda med en Duo " för "The Boy Is Mine". Monica arbetar för närvarande med ett nytt album som ska släppas i sommar och Brandy är också i studion arbetar ny musik.

Mariah & Nick Are Having A Boy And A Girl !!!!!

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"Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have finally loosened up their lips and revealed the sex of their bun in the oven. The couple are having twins; a boy and a girl. Last month, Nick Cannon first revealed that they would be having twins on his radio show:

“In order for my wife and I to have our life, we need to be up front and I need to be able to share things with you and be real,” he said on his radio show. “I didn’t even tell my wife I was gonna do this. I’m probably gonna get yelled at for not getting permission. We’re having twins!”

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b4 and after

Chris ! u better watch out LOL

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warrenJae - Dear Jasmine from TWOFIFTY VIDEO on Vimeo.


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Kat Stacks Speaks On Sleeping With Lil Wayne, Nelly, Bow Wow and Entire Young Money !

IT'S TRUE ALL OF IT !!! I HATE IS WOMAN , A HOE THAT's what she is !!

Soulja Boy Has a Sex Tape ??!!!!

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With all of the sudden hype going around with celebrity sex tapes these days, it’s beginning to look as if rapper Soulja Boy has jumped right into the mix. Rumors are saying that the S.O.D. Money Gang head honcho will be starring in an upcoming home-made porn film with his former girlfriend, video model Sheneka Adams. The two supposedly met on the set of Soulja Boy’s “Marco Polo” video a couple years ago.

Now honestly, we really could care less if the allegations true. We just posted this to add a little humor to your Saturday. Hope you enjoyed! :)

Japp, de sant jag ha själv sett de

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She’s Pregnant & Engaged !!!!

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R&B singer/songwriter Alicia Keys covered up her baby bump with this puffy, feathered dress as she arrived on the red carpet of the Keep A Child Alive Black Ball in London, England Thursday night (May 27). Alicia and her newly announced fiancee Swizz Beatz were joined by designer Christian Louboutin, actress Thandie Newton, musician Chris Martin, UK group JLS and more at the annual event, held to help raise awareness for Alicia’s charity.

Shortly after the event went down, it was announced that Alicia and Swizzy were not only engaged, but expecting a new baby. While we are still uncertain how far along Alicia is, her rep confirms that she is indeed pregnant and she and Swizz plan to tie the knot “in a private ceremony later this year.”

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Sitcom actor and tabloid staple Gary Coleman, 42, died on Friday (May 28) at 12:05 p.m. (Mountain Time), after slipping into a critical condition on Thursday following an earlier fall in which he hit his head. He was admitted to the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo on Wednesday after hitting his head in an unexplained fall and had reportedly slipped into critical condition by the next day. On Friday, doctors announced that he was unconscious and on life support in a coma due to an intracranial hemorrhage, which results from a broken or ruptured blood vessel causes bleeding inside the skull.

“Family members and close friends were at his side when life support was terminated,” read a hospital statement according to a People magazine report on the actor, who had moved to Utah in 2005. “Family members express their appreciation and gratitude for the support and prayers that have been expressed for Gary and for them.”

Very sad :( R.I.P


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Rapper 50 Cent sports a very unusual look in his upcoming movie “Things Fall Apart.” In the movie, 50 plays a college football player who has been stricken with cancer his senior year. The rapper turned actor lost 54 lbs within nine weeks for the role through a combination of three-hour-a-day treadmill exercises and a liquid diet. But is now back on tour and working hard to gain every last pound.

According to 50:

“I was starving. I’ve been eating. I’ll be back in shape in no time!”

50 really outdid himself with this one! But why does he look like one of those alien zombies from I Am Legend?? Just saying… LOL!

One more pic of 50 looking sickly after the break

Drake -When I was 17

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When Drake was 17, he was an ebay guru according to an upcoming segment on MTV’s new show”When I was 17″.  Drake was also known as “Jimmy” on the teen show “Degrassi” at 17, but he lived a pretty normal life that didn’t include getting panties thrown at him every other night.

Queen Latifah Remembers Being

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“When I was 17, I attended the same high school my mother taught at,” Queen Latifah reveals during the next episode of MTV’s new show “When I Was 17,” which airs Saturday at 11 a.m. and also features Drake and Olympic softball player Jennie Finch. “Now this may sound like a bad thing to a lot of people, but thank God my mother was the cool teacher that everyone liked.”

The rapper-turned-Oscar-nominated actress isn’t telling a tall tale, according to manager Sha-Kim Compere, who was a fellow classmate. “You would gravitate to her because of her free spirit,” he said of Latifah’s mother, an Irvington High School teacher in New Jersey. “She was one of the friendliest people.” Well, apparently, like mother like daughter, because Latifah explains that in high school, she was voted most comical and most popular by her peers. “I was that girl,” she says. “That’s how the people voted, and I have to honor the request of the people.”

Letoya Luckett is telling the truth about what happen with Destiny's Child

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I wasn’t upset about losing a chance to go to the Grammy’s or any celebrity perks. It was the loss of the friendship that was difficult. That was the hardest part of the separation. These girls [Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson] were my friends from elementary school. We went to church together, we hung out together.

To go from that to sitting across from each other in a courtroom and going through all that law stuff, was just crazy. You just kind of look at each other differently. That’s when I realized that the friendship had died. Figuring out how we were going to split assets and profits and all of that felt like a divorce.

God is so amazing. Recently, I ran into Kelly and we got to catch up briefly. It was one of those things where you never know how the other person is going to react. But it was relaxed. I think we’ve both gotten to the age where it’s like, Girl please! She even hit me up the other day to let me know she was traveling. I would love to have a close friendship again, but that’s on God’s time.

She also cleared the air in regards to a past relationship with Matt Kemp (Rihanna’s boyfriend):

Like with the situation with Matt Kemp. I think the blogs kind of created the whole relationship. We were friends – there was nothing more to it. When we went out, a lot of times we had lots of other mutual friends there, but people would single us out. I definitely thought he was cute, but it was never anything like that. They had it on blogs that we were dating and this happened and that happened – but that’s not it.

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Trey Songz - When i was 17 years old

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Gissa vem de är ...XDDDDD My BOO ONLY MY BOO ONLY TREY SONGZ!!!!!!

Trey Songz said that when he was 17 he did his girlfriend’s eyebrows and cut all of friends’ hair for prom. The R&B singer revealed all of this on MTV’s new show “When I was 17″ which premieres tomorrow morning (Sat. May 1) at 11 A.M EST.

“When I was 17 I did my girlfriend’s eyebrows,” the singer confesses.

It all started when he devised a plan to receive early dismissal from school and enrolled in a trade that he thought he would be able to take lightly. Instead, the Virgina native found himself with an intense schedule that included learning the finer points of hair care, from cutting heads to, well, waxing eyebrows. His skills eventually became so in demand that his friends lined up at his house to score haircuts before prom. ”I cut everybody’s hair for the prom,” he recalled. ”That whole week of prom, like every day, probably at least five to 10 guys would come over to the house to get a shape-up,” his cousin Jay chimed in.

The downside to his popularity with his clippers resulted in some hotheaded customers — literally! ”My clippers got so hot, I remember I messed my homeboy’s head up so bad,” he recalled, smiling. “He had scars for, like, the next two days. [Traces his hair line to show where the damage was done.] All that. My bad.”

Här kommer fler bilder på Trey Songz :

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